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I’ve pretty much suffered with depression and anxiety for most of my life, mainly trying to avoid having to take antidepressants as I hate having to rely on anything, have only really taken them once in my life before for about 6 months. Anyways, the other day I caved as things were getting too bad for me, especially on the diet that I’ve been on for about 2/3 months now, and went to the doctor and have been on SSRI’s since tues. Today I woke up with seratonin fun 🙁

I’m kinda wishing that I actually started taking SSRI’s sooner as maybe this would’ve prevented me getting this candida overgrowth in the first place as I know it’s a powerful anti-fungal. Plus the low levels of seratonin in the intestines are an ideal breading ground for candida, well all this could’ve been avoided I guess.

I was just wondering if you, Cheesey, continued taking your SSRI’s at all and what the outcome was? I’ve kinda found that my seratonin syndrome symptoms are worse before I’ve taken my morning SSRI pill..which is odd but I think I’m going to persist with it.