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Hey buddy,

Dont fret, you will get to the other side of all this. There are very real reasons you are experiencing what you are going through, and you will dig them out and take care of them, one at a time, and you will feel better. All those things that are really bothering you now just wont bother you when you get there. It is going to happen, just dont give up and dont stop digging for answers. You and I have alot in common and I think Im a little further along than you. I might be able to help ya some.

First, are you dead certain that you’ve flushed out all of your food/ supplement allergies? Just the fact that you have ocd says that you are that much more prone to inflammation. I can tell you from experience that bad reactions can be 10 times worse than die off and can make die off 10 times worse than it has to be. And they can take 4 or 5 days to clear out. If you are still reacting to things you’re ingesting, then nothing you do will make you feel better, physically or mentally, until you take care of them. This alone can cause every symptom you have. To give you an idea, I am personally allergic to gluten, all cereal grains including corn and oats, buckwheat, coconut flour and milk, dairy, chocolate, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, yeast, and 90% of the herbal supplements and teas I’ve tried. It took a while to figure out thats what was causing my exaggerated symptoms and fueling my anxiety. I had none of these before my infection.
Try just meat and simple greens and maybe millet and cut the herbals for a few days.

Second, you dont seem to be able to detox well. Like something about your physiology isnt capable of handling the load that die off puts on your body. Lemme tell ya, I can relate to that one too. I used to smoke. On a bad day, especially if was a hot summer day, ONE cigarette could me put through what sent you to the hospital. I’ve been through that many times. You’re not taking much moly and you’re not taking any b5. Triple your moly intake at least, you can safely go up to 1500 mg a day when you need to. Start taking b5. Im a carpenter, very physical job, and I CANNOT make it through a work day if I dont take b5. You’re body requires it in large amounts in order to make an enzyme thats necessary to detox aldehydes. Take up to 1000 mg a day. At least 500.

I wouldnt be surprised if those 2 things got you back up and running. Its a good start and worth a try.