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I’m no expert in what it is they do, and it was explained to me in broken english. The way she explained it she was feeling my organs to see how the tissue around them is. Ideally you want it to be supple. She said there was a lot of tension in my liver, and she needed to give it more space. She started by moving the small intestine down and then the large intestine a bit. Apparently you can’t just go right for the liver, or it could be too intense, so she’ll get to that next time. I go back in 4 weeks.

Today I feel like I got punched in the gut. I’m also getting cramps when I bend over and twist, like putting on shoes and stuff. But I feel less pain in my back (she said that would happen). I also have the energy of a person who got a great night sleep, which is rare for me. I also had more eliminations of more solid waste then normal.

Obviously I don’t expect this to cure my Candida. I’m only hoping to give my organs a little support. I ended up going to her because a local women said they were able to diagnose her Candida and they recommend a strict candida diet, so I feel they’re creditable.