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sallyf024 wrote: I have had some incredible results from the oil swishing after 1 week. The thought before I tried it was “yuk!” but I got sesame oil and now I actually like it. I am sure coconut oil would be the best to use, but it was pretty expensive.
Thrush was the one remaining symptom I had after being literally in bed for 6 months with a serious case of intestinal and trachea candida. The diet was a key factor, of course but the oil swishing was the icing on the cake! If you have any questions, I am happy to help in any way.

Sally, I would be interested to know if the sesame seed oil you used was “toasted” Here in the UK I can only source toasted sesame seed oil and I understand that heating it takes away a lot of the goodness. So far in using toasted sesame oil I have not noticed and difference