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My naturopath couldn’t believe I was eating oat bran everyday; he said to reduce to once every 3 days. We also discussed diets, etc.

The main thing I came away with from our discussion is that you gotta rotate the foods in your diet. If you eat buckwheat every day throughout the diet, the candida can eventually adapt to this food item…same with eggs, rice, chicken, almost any food possible (except veggies). So if you ate oat bran maybe 2x per week, this may be a good alternative change to your diet. If you ate eggs 4 times per week, this may be better for your diet. Its all about changing it up.

Onions contain sugar, but so does many vegetables. If you follow the 25g of sugar a day rule, then having one onion (9g of sugar according to this website: is not the end of the world. Same with having one tomato (4g of sugar). Red pepper (7g of sugar). But then add in the greek yogurt (11g of sugar per serving) and we might have a problem. 1 cup of garlic is 1g of sugar. One head of lettuce contains 3g of sugar. Yes lettuce contains sugar!

So if you just ate a few slices of onion, a few slices of carrot, a few pieces of celery, radish, etc with your salad…then thats like 1-9g of sugar per serving or so. Ate this twice a day plus greek yogurt…25gish of sugar per day. Your body should be fine.

I would consider a diet where you ate chicken 3x per week and fish 3x per week and maybe something else(turkey?) 1x per week. Bucwheat 3x per week, red/black rice 3x per week, quinoa 1x per week or whatever you want to do.

Quitting smoking will help you tremendously and I smoke also. I think its a big part of why we are here. All of the vitamins/supplements sound OK, I just would add in the maybe molybdenum, maybe grape bitters, maybe cod liver oil, and/or SF722 (I think this is the most important of these three)…and then you will recovery somewhat quickly. If you can do sauna, hot tub, or steam room up to 6x per week, this will really help your bodies biggest organ detox from the candida. Even hot baths can help sweat out the toxins! I add inulin (FOS) to my breads and this can help heal the gut.

Stevia can cause problems because it causes a mucus response for the body; destroying the mucus is a major part of recovering from candida. If you want to cut it, I think its an OK idea.