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Hope, thanks for your post. I have never used a scraper since there has never been the white coating on my tongue. Mostly it has been small sores in my mouth. But I have been using my toothbrush and will start by alternating new ones.
I am pretty much still on stage 1 with the exception of yogurt and brown rice. I lost 30 lbs and my doctor was really concerned since I am already tall and skinny so he started me on these. This appears to be a diet for life for me. I have never had any problem on trying to reintroduce new foods (nor did I have any die off symptoms!) I was diagnosed by a gastrointologist and have photos of the infestation in my lower intestines and trachea. He was unable to treat me successfully so I switched to an alternative physician who has gotten me to this point along with a acupuncturist and some Chinese supplements. It seems that adrenal exhaustion has played a big part as I got much better when I started the adrenal tonic. The swishing has improved the thrush a lot and I will continue this. What a long strange trip this has been!