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Hi, Sally 🙂 I’m sorry you’re still battling this thrush issues after 6 months! A few questions came to mind as I read your initial post. Did you begin reintroducing foods even though your thrush wasn’t cleared up or are you still in the Stage 1 diet? Also, are you using a toothpaste/mouthwash that has added sweeteners – even just sorbitol or sucralose? And, lastly, have you been using a tongue scraper or a separate toothbrush to cleanse your tongue several times a day?

You may have already done this, but my first inclination would be to go back (if you’re not still there) to the Stage 1 diet *and eliminate all grains* until the thrush clears up.

I have some other thoughts, too (I’ve had mild thrush on and off since April – caused by antibiotics), but I’ll wait until I hear back from you to share more 🙂