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You’re trying to eat some difficult, strong tasting vegetables — they’re one’s I can’t tolerate either.
Start with the easier, blander vegetables and try blending them up into a creamy soup as well.
Zucchini and onions stir fry beautifully with a squeeze of lemon and sea salt and pepper. I love them with sauteed chicken. I also like them well enough in a frittata (just blend up an egg or two and pour over them once they’ve sauteed a bit. And a spinach omelet is a quick and easy way to get some greens in. I top that with avocado to replace cheese.
If green beans are a bit tough for you, texture wise, blend them up in a Bieler soup (search for it on this site, AlexAlegbra posted a good recipe).
Try roasting kale chips and rutabega chips. Get fresh kale, tear the leaves off the thicker stems in oh, egg-sized pieces, and toss them with olive oil, rubbing each leaf to be sure it gets coated. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle *lightly* but thoroughly with sea salt then cook at 300 degrees. If they’re too thickly spread on the pan, you may need to stir them once or twice during cooking. When they are crispy (if textures are an issue for you, let them get completely crispy, they’ll start to brown a bit) they’re done.
Rutabegas are a PITA to slice, so sharpen your knife and be very careful, but carefully slice them as thin as you can (I will sometimes use a vegetable peeler and just try to get as thick a peeled slice as I can, but they dry up to almost nothing when they’re that thin). Coat them again in olive oil and lightly sea salt them and roast them at about 350 degrees, turning once or twice. Check frequently as their sugar content makes them prone to burning quickly. Again, if textures bother you, cook them just shy of overcooked. They are yummy!
Swap up your salads — baby arugula, baby lettuces, the younger the leaf the sweeter and easier it is to eat. Top with hemp seeds, sliced hard boiled eggs, avocados.
These are my go-to veggie choices when I’m not feeling up to the challenge of stronger flavors. You’ll be able to tolerate more complex veggies after a while.

good luck,