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Hello, benc.

Below are a few research articles on the possible problems connected with using proton pump inhibitors.
Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Source: the Canadian Medical Association
Contributors: P. Michael Ho, MD, PhD; Thomas M. Maddox, MD, MSc; Li Wang, MS; Stephan D. Fihn, MD, MPH; Robert L. Jesse, MD, PhD; Eric D. Peterson, MD, MPH; John S. Rumsfeld, MD, PhD
Source: Canadian Medical Association
Source: Journal of Hospital Infection
Source: National Public Radio Science Research Report
Source: Science Daily

But probably the most important reason for anyone on the forum to avoid these is its ability to reduce the acidity in the stomach and intestines. Reducing the acidity would naturally increase the alkalinity of the environment in the digestive system. Candida thrives in an alkaline environment and succumbs to an acidic environment.

If anyone needs proof of this, look to the probiotics and kefir which we take in order to bring about the biggest change in a Candida infestation leading to an eventual cure by building billions of communities of lactic acid-producing bacteria in the intestines.

The proof of this was shown in the Journal of Applied Biosciences.

Just importantly however is, “if” you happen to have a very high level of acidity in your stomach and intestines already, then perhaps the PPI can help you. But it’s just really difficult to imagine someone with a Candida infestation having a digestive system which is primarily acidic since having this environment in itself would prevent a Candida overgrowth.

If you’d rather try something else first, before investing money in possibly a problematic supplement in connection with your infestation, I would purchase a supplement called Betaine Hydrochloride. I took this supplement throughout my treatment and subsequent cure. If anyone decides to try this, take one tablet during each meal.