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sammcl wrote: I was given this a couple of years ago for my mystery stomach problems, no improvements.

As you know, turns out my mystery stomach issues was candida. Sticking to the protocol has given me more improvement in a short space of time than any medication that the quacks ever gave me.

I’d say spend your money on more supplements than stuff the doctors in this country give you….

Can I ask what exactly he prescribed it for?

Because twice since last sat i’ve had bloating, cramps, dizziness, nausea & feeling dehydrated after eating, so much so i’ve had to fast for 12-24 hours. It could have been die off, but on the 1st occasion I was knocked out I didn’t go out for 2 days. Yesterday was a 24 hour thing, but i’ve only been able to eat twice today, luckily i like the taste of coconut oil & it doesn’t make me feel sick when I take it, so thats helped a bit for energy, but I still had to cancel work.

He said see if this sorts it out, & if it does then stop it after a few weeks, if it then comes back he will send me for a endoscopy. I get the impression these drugs work like betaine hcl?

Tbh, he is one of the few GP’s who listen to me, rather than try to give me antibiotics, etc, etc.