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chausse112 wrote:

You can also soak flax seeds overnight in a little water,then next day our the whole thing into the blender/food processor and voila,fresh ground flax seed,great source of dietary fiber.Morning is the best time for fiber!

I was going to write a query post about flax next. I stopped taking flax and flax oil for the detox phase I was wondering if they were alright now during the diet phase.
Flax oil is pretty much useless unless you’re vegetarian. O3s are extremely unstable, so they’re easily damaged by light, heat and air. I think it’s impossible to get flax oil fresh enough to be undamaged, and then you need to store it in the fridge and consume it pretty quickly. Grinding the seeds before you eat them, so the meal can’t oxidise either, is the best way to get the oil.

The other problem is that O6s compete for the enzymes necessary to convert ALA into the anti-inflammatory long-chain O3s EPA and DHA. Flax contains high amounts of O6s and most people are already saturated with them. This is probably why conversion estimates are 5%. You’d need to eat cupfuls of the stuff to match a small salmon steak. The meal can still be beneficial for mucilage and micronutrients, but I’m not sure what the “anti-nutrient” content is like (phytoestrogens, phytates etc).

If you really want the anti-inflammatory benefits of O3s, you need to reduce all PUFAs. O6s have a half-life of 2-years. They’re contained in high amounts in nuts and seeds, which is why we’re saturated in them (think vegetable/seed oils that are used in everything). Poultry and pork have much higher amounts than ruminants and dairy. Coconut oil has the least PUFA of any fat.