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Make sure it’s (extra) virgin olive oil though, and if possible organic to avoid pesticide residues. The refined stuff has few/none of the health benefits and a lot of toxic trash in it. Try to buy one in a dark bottle that isn’t sitting on a shelf saturated with light, and do your best to keep it away from light, heat and air when you’ve bought it.

A lot is written about the health benefits of certain oils, but as soon as they’re exposed to heat, light or air they rapidly spoil and become more toxic than healthful. Olive oil is really best for salads, but if you use it for cooking, try to do so at a low temperature and for a short cooking time.

Can I put in a question about coconut oil here? I’m looking to order one for after the cleanse, and I’ve found a brand called Coconoil which is reasonably priced. It’s says no pesticides and no industrial refining processes like deodorising. Should be suitable for the diet, right?