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Able, I was eating meat for the first few weeks until I realized that non organic was not allowed. Again, between jobs at the moment and can’t afford organic meat at this time. I cut it out for a while and noticed no difference. Many family members have told me that I’m too skinny and need to eat. I try to tell them about my symptoms and they are like, well I have that sometimes, its part of getting older or something along those lines. The spit test is really the only thing that made me even think this was my problem and I have since found out that really doesn’t mean anything. A few weeks into the diet I was itching like crazy and figured it was die off but I have experienced that since so I now know it wasn’t. I was also weak but anybody that starts a low carb diet that is used to eating a lot of carbs will experience that.

And then like many others, I bring this up to the Doc and you can tell he’s not even listening. But to be honest I can type my symptoms into Google and get endless possibilities and so called cures so who knows if I do have candida or not.

It is scary and frustrating when you try so hard though and they want to start you on yet another prescription. I don’t want to take it but feel that I should.

But back to your question, when I was not eating meat I was eating maybe 4-6 eggs a day plus the coconut bread. Is it even possible that I don’t have candida and it is just a parasite?