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I use an apple cider vinegar dressing which effected me less than regular white vinegar dressing. Your body should be able to heal despite the vinegar; however if you want to heal faster I would not recommend its use. I decided that going on the diet for 5 months with salad dressing outweighed prolonging my treatment a month or so without it…lol, sorta funny decision I guess.

I like the annie’s raspberry vinegerette dressing; contains 4g of sugar per serving:

Bragg’s makes a number of dressings with apple cider vinegar also and these have good ingredients. Both of these should be available at your local health food or organic store. If I were to have regular dressing, I go with kraft’s italian dressing because its actually surprisingly doesn’t effect me as much as other commercial dressings. I would avoid ranch dressing tho!

As far as organic meat is concerned; I eat one small cisco piece of chicken at the place I eat lunch a few times(1-2x) per week when I can’t bring in the coconut bread. I get a reaction to it despite being on the diet for 5 months…why? Because it contains antibiotics. I just know thats what I am reacting to! Or it could be the grill juices…

If you were to purchase one organic food item on the diet, I would recommend organic meat personally. It’ll be like 2-3x more expensive. But no antibiotics and no drawback whatsoever. I eat chicken every single day and it does give me a little gas (ammonia production). Would I heal faster mixing it up between chicken and fish every other day? Very likely I think; I just don’t like seafood myself! Something to think about…

p.s.-Chicken sausage is allowed on the diet, and my local store makes the sausage there in the store and I love it! Try some organic chicken sausage if you want something real good!