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Able put in the rotate clause based on research I did, which is mostly information I learned from Dr. Mcoombs, one of industries leading candida experts.

Dr. Mccombs states that you shouldn’t take caprylic acid for more than 6-8 weeks because the candida will adapt to it. This applies to some but not all other antifungals; it is up to you whether to rotate them or not. Certain antifungals are effective longer than 6-8 weeks; each person is different in how they are effected by these. One thing you’ll notice when an antifungal becomes ineffective is that you won’t get anymore die-off from it or you can take a very large dose without feeling much effect.

Dvjorge recently shared some research he did on why you shouldn’t rotate antifungals (a few weeks back or longer) because if candida gains resistance to all of the ones you have tried, then nothing will be that effective. That would majorly suck if candida was resistant to nearly all antifungals. Dvjorge stated that you should stick to 5 or so and just rotate between these throughout your treatment.

Here’s some Dr. Mccombs radio shows if you want to educate yourself a little bit more on candida, antifungals, probiotics, etc.

His plan is similar to ours except he promotes his own products that he sells, promotes a very different food list which includes fruits, rice, starches, beef and pork. He also feels that stevia is bad because it causes a mucuous response. I think his diet is a good stage 2/3 one to follow but not a good stage 1 plan. We can find you similar or alternative products than the ones he sells for cheaper too if you are interested.