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nikki;30003 wrote: dv jorge,

what kind of nystatin powder do you use in enemas? Is that the one which is used to apply externally, or is it something for oral use?

I tried to get some nystatin powder in my home country, but most pharmacists are saying that they no more get that.

Can you tell me the brand, and exact kind you are using, and also if its ok, can you tell me whats ur home country.

I went to a doctor here in US, and he gave me nystatin tablets for 30 days. He was giving diflucan, but I asked him to give nystatin, as diflucan damages the liver, and also I have used it before.

What do you think is better for treatment, nystatin of diflucan?

I am doing no more enemas. ! I did many of them some months ago. The Nystatin I used was refrigerated powder for oral use. You need a medical prescription to get it in the US.

Nystatin and Diflucan are two different kind of antifungal drugs. Diflucan is a systemic drug, Nystatin no. Both are good and the best treatment is to combine them.