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If you want to know what doctors think, you should read a blog like this Modern medicine is evidence-based. There aren’t any crazy conspiracies going on; there are things that have been shown to work, things that haven’t and things that remain unstudied. You can check for yourself any time on PubMed. If you can find reliable scientific references to support your opinion, your doctor will have to listen to you. Question his reasoning if you don’t think it’s sound. Doctors do care about health; you just have to realise the limitations of science now that’s it’s been embraced by medicine.

If you want to be angry at something, be angry at the lack or quality of the research. There aren’t so much conspiracies as there are economic realities and human nature. Research costs millions and people are bias. Who pays to study unprofitable, unpatentable treatments? How can everything be studied at once and what about poorly designed studies that end up useless? Candida is, however, responsible for millions of deaths around the world in immunocompromised people each year, so don’t believe it’s being ignored by scientists (again, just check PubMed).

Chiropractors, homoeopaths, naturopaths etc may appear to be helpful, but they’re happy to practise pre-scientific and pseudoscientific quackery for money. They claim to understand the body and rely on the evidence, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. If you think any of them know 5% as much as an MD about physiology and health, you’re wrong. Being told the “root cause” is being treated sounds good, but unscientific treatments don’t come without risks, even if that risk is simply going longer without treatment, e.g. being prescribed water for cancer by a homoeopath.

I share your frustrations, and I’m not happy with the treatment I’ve received from doctors either. You have to remain realistic though. Work with your doctor as much as you can, but do your research and learn to take care of yourself. Don’t get sucked into quackery and conspiracy theories. Before you know it, your kid will be dead of a preventable disease because you didn’t want him brainwashed by “Uncle Pharma”. We have to learn to take responsibility for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean turning our backs on science.