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RYANCREST;41700 wrote:

Your body will sort its weight out on its own. Don’t be concerned with it. Do you make coconut bread? It’s filling and high calorie.

I would not recommend nuts at this point. Six weeks in is not very long.

6 weeks isn’t very long??? says who?? this feels like an eternity. ***gives the middle finger***

6 weeks isn’t very long, but I agree its hard (& the early stages are horrendous), but if you do have candida (& leaky gut) you will need to accept your in it for the long haul.

It gets better, and you may find later down the line you can tolerate certain nuts if you soak & dehydrate them (but this is not part of forum diet, its up to you to see how you react at a later stage).

I would read this forum as much as possible and utilise the knowledge a lot of the good people on here have to share. Thats what i’ve done this past year and am far better than this time last year, but still have a bit to go & to be honest i’m pretty content eating the diet for the long term (of course I would like to be able to have the odd bit of pizza, cake, etc – but that time will come).