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Ryan, I agree. I have been frustrated lately, too. I get ups and downs all the time! Currently, I am going through a down spiral. I have been extremely busy lately with my craft stuff, and certain things that do not work. I have been doing rotation on things. This week, I got to get back on track, and I got to do some cooking.

However, I have been eating nuts (almonds), and I have decided that I should leave the out for awhile because nuts are hard to digest. Plus, with me not having a colon, well, I just leave it at that.

I think I have gotten grumpy a few times on here, but everybody on here takes the time to give the best advice they can, and I agree, try to be an adult. It’s okay to let out frustration, but try to be nice about it.

Oh yes, I am not sure if you have tried cooking coconut bread, or some variation on it, but it can be filling for a quick snack or meal on the go for me. It really ties me over that I don’t have a craving even for a meal later if it is too close to dinner time.