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dvjorge;21099 wrote:

Oh and I forgot to mention that cytolytic vaginosis is when the vagina gets too acidic or too much “good bacteria” and can cause burning and redness.

One of the biggest problem women face after an active vaginal yeast infection is the fact candida albicans penetrates deep in the tissues when cell-mediated immunity is low. This cell penetration (intracellular) causes what is known as a chronic atrophic erythematous candidiasis. The symptoms of this residual infection are redness, burning, and inflammation. One time inside the cells, candida keeps itself in a non-growing form but still alive metabolizing and generating toxic wastes responsible for the symptoms.

The symptoms you describe match with what this condition causes. IMO, it is what is affecting you. Anyway, you need to do every possible test and research.

Jorge, can this happen in any parts of the body, such as on the arm?