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Lady K
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Hi Klips,
I feel your pain, myself i have had a huge struggle with candida for a long time now since im young and still doesnt seem to go away but have managed to keep it at least dormant. I think every body reacts differently to this disease and that some things might work for some and other might make them worst thats why you have to listen to your body and if it doesn’t feel right discontinue. I can tell you that for me, i have severely restricted my carbohydrates and have seen much better results. I find that legumes will often set me off again like chickpeas and lentils so i try to be careful with those. I also stay away from cashews but I do eat alot of lower carb nuts (almonds especially) which are high in fats and oils which keep my weight steady. I stay as far away from canned foods as possible because they contain an ingredient called citric acid and candida feeds off of this as well. I take a combination of 2 different anti-fungals and continue them for 10 days MAX and then switch it up. I also take a 50 billion probiotic once a day before i go to sleep and drink LOTS of water (3 litres).

But the thing i think that has helped me the most is the chinese medicine that i am using in combination its called Hsiao Yao Wan. Its a combination of herbs chinese herbs including liquorice root extract which you can find the list here:
People like us might have an imbalance in our systems making our systems stagnant which also causes dampness in our bodies and making it a good place for candida to grow… the herb repairs the liver qi and invigorates the spleen functioning. Unfortunately you have to be patient with this herb because it can take up to a month to take effect but since i have been taking this herb i have had a lot less relapses and am a lot less sensitive to carbs and no more menstral cramps (YAY!!!).

Also something really important is to listen to your body; if you get the urge to overeat something your tasting… just put it down (thats candida speaking)
meditation and light exercises like yoga is essential to drying up the moisture in your body.

I have been on the diet for almost 2 years now and seem to be getting better VERY slowly but it is a struggle
Stay positive and find ways to enjoy yourself even though you have this ball and chain… its important for recovery

I hope this helps