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Lady K:

I will try to rotate an antifungal every 10th day too from now. The current is coconut oil with some others.
I find you advise on moisture in the body a little strange, the body is mostly water, to try to try it out is not possible. All mammals have a GI track that is “moist and damp”, see basic anatomy/physiology. Yoga and meditation affects mostly very different systems in the body. I will avoid canned food, although its quite hard to do, I used to eat loads of tuna, sardins and other canned fish 🙂 The herbs you link to are interesting, looks like a blend of herbs with loads of antimicrobial uses. Thanks for help!

Thanks for the insight Able, I had forgotten about many of the green vegetables still contain carbohydrates.

I’ve tried to log my overall food intake yesterday, actually I end up with 3038Kcal that day, thats aprox 500kcal higher then a person with my weight and hight should eat. So good, I should not loose weight. I will log the food in a new tread.

I’m going to make a new journal on this site, will read the protocol you’ve made (able, raster) and log everything.