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From the website heartfixer:

The Methyl Cycle is the backbone of our physiology. It’s functional status determines our resistance or susceptibility to environmental toxins and microbes. This is a confusing array of biochemistry, but suffice it to say, a defect at any one point in these interlocking cycles will inevitably affect the remaining pathways, and your overall health will then suffer. Methyl Cycle abnormalities explain why you are sick from environmental toxins while the guy next door is just fine, why you are autistic while your fraternal twin brother is not. While we cannot change your DNA, if we know your weak links we can create “nutritional workarounds” – we can supplement alternative pathways or withhold from your diet molecules that you cannot handle. If we do not address the Methyl Cycle abnormalities that underlie unexplained or chronic illness – well then the illnesses will remain chronic and unexplained, because it is the Methyl Cycle Abnormalities that predisposed you to ill health.

Understanding how to incorporate the science of Methyl Cycle Genomics in to your treatment program, and how best to monitor your individual response, will be a challenge to both of us. If we accept this challenge, and spend time, energy, and resources in dealing with your Methyl Cycle Abnormalities, then you can take strides forward in improving your health. If we do not – well, most of you are undergoing Methyl Cycle testing because you have a health problem that makes little sense; you have seen multiple doctors and you are not getting better – if we do not address your Methyl Cycle abnormalities then we cannot expect that you will get better – because it is Methyl Cycle Abnormality that predisposed you to ill health.

What is a Methyl Cycle Abnormality? The chart above describes mutations, scientifically a correct descriptor, but not a good common language description of your condition. You do not have a “mutation”, a one-time genetic accident that occurred during your embryonic development. Methyl Cycle Abnormalities are not disease specific or smoking gun genetic defects. Yes, there are specific genetic abnormalities that code for Sickle Cell Anemia, Huntington’s Chorea, or Phenylketonuria, and if you are born with these genotypes (referring to one’s genetic code), then we can be 100% certain that you will develop these disease states (the phenotype, or expression of the genetic code). There is a great deal or dread and anxiety regarding testing for these genes. After all, if you can’t do anything to prevent the phenotype, why even look for the genotype?

Methyl Cycle Defects are different. None code for a specific disease state, but all play a role in predisposing you to disease in general. The more Methyl Cycle Defects present in your genotype, the greater is your susceptibility to toxicity and infection, and the greater will be your risk for these (usually) age-related degenerative disease states that plaque our society today. These disease states are usually age-related (but are occurring in you earlier than in others) because it takes time for toxicity to build up within you, to overcome the still intact defense systems that are trying to defend your physiology. On the other hand, a little bit of toxicity during a vulnerable time period can do a lot of damage to an individual with impaired Methyl Cycle defenses. The frequency of Methyl Cycle Defects in autistic kids will likely be 100% – a little bit of Mercury in a genetically defenseless kid will damage a developing brain. Their parents and grandparents harbored these genes (likely in lower concentration) but when they were born our uterine and early life environment was toxin free. Their brains had the chance to develop normally. Exposing them to toxicity now isn’t good for them, but their brains did have the chance to develop normally, so they do not develop “adult onset autism”. But individuals harboring Methyl Cycle Defects are going to get sick, before their time, likely with conditions that make little sense such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or they will present early in life with what used to be diseases seen only in “old people”: – coronary disease, cardiomyopathy, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia.

I’ve looked at disease as a combination of lifestyle, environment, and heredity. Yes, if you smoke, you will eventually experience lung disease. If you are exposed to lead then it will eventually build up in your body and cause hypertension and kidney disease. But some people smoke and get lung disease at an early age, some only at old age, and some seem to be able to puff away into their 80s. We are all exposed to multiple toxins, we all live in the same general environment, but only some of us get heart disease and cancer – why? If toxicity is so bad, then why don’t all of us have toxicity associated cancer? Well, we’re on our way, but some of us can live within this toxic environment unscathed. How can one boy be autistic while his fraternal twin is normal – same uterine environment, same maternal diet, same vaccinations – but different genotypes. It is our genotype, specifically the status of the genes making up our Methyl Cycle that render us more or less susceptible to environmental influences (toxins and microbes).

The term “methyl group” refers to CH3, one carbon atom attached to three hydrogens. The enzymes of the Methyl Cycle add or subtract a methyl group from another molecule to open or close biochemical pathways, to open our DNA when it should be read, or to close it when it would not be in our best interest to decode a specific gene. We need methyl groups to silence viral RNA, to defend against other microbes, and to defend against environmental toxins. Optimal methylation is thus more important today than it was in years past, when the environment was less toxic. Individuals with Methyl Cycle Defects are the canaries of our society. Toxins will hurt all of us eventually but those of us with Methyl Cycle Defects will be the first to go down.