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Not sure how it is in New York, but in Southern California all eggs are white. You can’t find white organic eggs. This tells you that they add something to chicken’s food to make eggs white. So on top of what Able mentioned, antibiotics and hormones, you are ingesting who knows what else in terms of toxins. And did you look at the color of yolks? They are so pale that it seems that you might as well skip that instead of having it as it is questionable what you are eating in the first place.

I must agree with Jiffer as well. Dump something else but start organic from eggs and meat.

I can’t get organic where I am right now. It just doesn’t exist. But I buy my eggs from small farmers where those are not as poisoned, chickens that lay them see the light and sunshine and are fed better food. Egg yolks are nice and dark orange 🙂 I do what I can. While I was in South CA I was eating organic eggs exclusively. I was also eating less but organic. I would rather eat one organic apple than 2 pounds of poisoned ones. Save your money somewhere else, not on the cost to your health. If your health goes, money is worthless.

Just my opinion, but the decision is yours.

And there is a saying in Bosnia: “Sick person has only one wish, but healthy has 101.”