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alexparginos wrote: are these ok to eat? or not? if money is a problem?

Non-organic eggs contain probiotics as well as hormones from the chickens from which the eggs came. These toxins will considerable extend the length of the treatment period, and you may even experience Candida symptoms flare-ups because of the antiobiotics.

Most Walmart stores offer organic eggs for around $3.50-$4.00 in many areas. Farmers markets often have them for 3-bucks a carton. A medium egg contains from 6 to 9 grams of protein. At $4.00 a carton, you’re paying around 33-cents per egg. No where else will you find a healthy product containing 6 to 9 grams of protein for 33-cents; so eggs are relatively cheap when you look at the cost per egg and what you receive for that price. A boiled egg is the perfect snack on a Candida diet; I can’t imagine the snack you’d find in your local convenience store for this price.