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Chlofloso wrote: Other symptoms that did not improve are muscle tightness, dry eyes and skin, poor memory and brain fog, itching scalp, and an overall feverish feeling, especially in the morning. I’d be happy for any advice on how to improve my treatment.

Hi Chloe,

I got the yoghurt out my diet when I switched to the strict forum diet and every time I tried to introduce it back into my diet (three times already) dry eyes/skin, and few other symptoms would return. The quark sounds good, but it is commercially produced so you don’t really know what’s in it for sure. You could try to kick that one out for about a week and see if these symptoms are getting any better. You will have kefir in few weeks and that is much more beneficial to your treatment in terms of probiotic and will give you some good nutrition as well.

My muscle tightness seemed to somehow connect to molybdenum as I was taking it more than a month. Are you still having heavy die-off? If not, you can probably stop taking the molybdenum. I think it’s meant just to help at the beginning of the treatment when lots of yeast is being killed, but not for two-three month period.

I must say that some of my fatigue lifted after I started taking enough salt. Sometimes we think symptoms are die-off or candida related and might be a missing piece of the puzzle in our nutrition plan. Check that you are taking in what you are supposed to.

I will let experts answer on other issues. This was just my experience so far.

Good luck!