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Hi Catie, very sad to hear all your suffering, I am on the diet for 7 weeks now, I cut back buckwheat bcause I thought was making my hands swollen in the morning, but I have been thinking is probably too many eggs and the yogurt and Kefir which all them promote mucus-swollenness kind of thing, other than that I am eating allowed vegetables and more vegetables, coconut cream, coconut flakes and coconut bread, fish once a week, chicken 3 times a week, lots of garlic.

So I am kind of “regulating” myself, and i am not drinking kefir anymore, just yogurt, the recipe I am following is the Specific carbohydrate diet -SCD- ( Elaine Gottschall, or check on the web breaking the viciouscycle) which requires 24 hours minimun fermentation.

Lots of things in the Specific Carbos Diet make sense to me,this is my very personal oppinion, everyone has to read and make their own conclusions but as I agree with the forum protocol for the candida I also think the body needs carbos and we can pick the mos beneficial ones, I am going to wait until week # 12 and start introducing carbos that are easy digestible and recomended in SCD with the correct cooking instructions. I don’t want lose more weight because I am already skinny.

I hope you feel better.