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Did you get any testing done to see whether you have adrenal fatigue?

Simply being tired all of the time doesn’t necessarily mean you have adrenal fatigue; for instance, I got tested and it showed that I did not have adrenal fatigue even though I have been very fatigued for a long time. However, one of my antibodies was low and it showed that I didn’t chew my food enough. I only take one supplement for my low adrenals which is a b-vitamin…

My girlfriend has adrenal fatigue and takes a homeopathic that helps her with that. It has helped tremendously…she has been fatigued for months but doesn’t have candida overgrowth as far as we’re concerned.

If you want a good naturopathic doctor, my doctor in town has patients throughout the world from China to Norway and Brazil. You just have to meet him once in person (I believe) and he can talk to you over the phone. Just a suggestion/idea.

I am sorry to hear about this happening to you and it shows how doctor’s can fail if they are not very good.

I’d stick to able’s suggestions; if you really do have candida then many of those food items will feed it. Might as well stick it out and save that stuff for phase 2. What were your symptoms originally?