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Hello, Summer, good to hear from you again. Your questions are answered below.

Question: I have just ordered some organic unrefined Coconut Oil so that I can start oil pulling. It may take a few days for it to arrive so am I able to use virgin olive oil for the time being?

Reply: Yes, the olive oil is fine for now.

Question: Am I able to brush my teeth with toothpaste after I finishing Oil Pulling? Or can I do it just before I start ‘swishing'(just conscious of bad breath if I don’t brush)

Reply: Check your toothpaste for added chemicals and sugar alcohols which can feed Candida just the same as regular sugar can. The ingredients in Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste should be alright for Candida sufferers. Amazon carries this brand. For the time being, if you want to, you can use regular baking soda (not baking powder) dabbed on your toothbrush which is better than using toothpaste that contains chemicals and a sugar alcohol. You can also use half and half hydrogen peroxide and water for a cleansing mouth wash after brushing.

Check your salt while you’re at it, most table salts contain Dextrose which is glucose, a form of sugar capable of feeding the Candida. Himalayan sea salt, the purest form of salt with many life-sustaining minerals still intact, does not contain added ingredients or Dextrose.

Question: Am I also able to ingest a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil a day? I believe it has antibacterial properties and as I have taken so many antibiotics my gut has taken a beating so I wonder if this would also help?

Reply: Yes, you can definitely swallow the coconut oil when you obtain it. Start with just one teaspoonful a day as it’s a very powerful antifungal as well as being a nutritious whole food product. Raise the amounts very slowing every other day. Our protocol calls for doing everything gradually in order to keep as many toxins as possible from entering the body’s system and liver.

Question: Regarding the diet, I have lost quite abit of weight due to anxiety so I am worried that on this diet I will lose more. Am I allowed to have lamb or beef?

Reply: Red meat is definitely bad for your treatment. A byproduct of animal protein metabolism is ammonia which is toxic to the body, and it creates an added workload for the liver which is already overworked by the Candida toxins; one of the toxins that Candida produce is ammonia. In other words, ammonia has a positive effect to the environment as far as making it more hospitable for Candida albicans to thieve. Every time you eat meat products, you create this ammonia which poisons your liver and body in general and benefits the Candida. The higher the protein content, the more ammonia is created.
Because of their protein, eggs are not nearly as bad as meat, so I would try to eat organic eggs as often as possible and fish or fowl a few times a week. I would leave any types of red meat alone for at least two months of the diet and pork indefinitely.

Quote: Also as I travel quite abit am I also able to have tinned salmon (in water) or tinned tuna (again in water)?

Reply: You really don’t have a lot of options when it comes to eating while traveling. I would eat these sparingly, perhaps once every other day for at least a few weeks.

Quote: Now regarding my attempts to quit smoking. I have stopped taking the Nicabate Lozenges but my cravings have now started with a vengeance. Would I be able to use nicotine patches instead (as I assume that they might not cause oral thrush)? Also what is a ‘safe’ alternative for nicotine lozenges that will not flare up the thrush again?

Reply: I imagine that the nicotine patches will do the same as the lozenges, although I really have no way of knowing this as fact, but anything that enters the body through the skin has the same effect as taking by mouth. And I have no idea as far as an alternative to the lozenges. Raster has attempted to stop smoking for the past several months, and last I heard has slacked off, perhaps he can shed more light on this for you. On the other hand, they probably wouldn’t be as likely to cause soreness in your mouth.

Question: Finally, Able you asked which probiotic I am taking and the values. I am from Australia so I am taking one from a company called ‘Wagner’ called ‘Probiotica’. These are in capsule form and they contain Lactobacillus gasseri 2.6 billion CFU, Bifidobacterium bifidum 0.2 billion CFU and Bifidobacterium longum 0.2 billion CFU. So all up at total of 3.0 billion CFU. Dosage is 1 per day. Is this strong enough? Would it be safe if I took 2 or 3 a day?

Reply: That’s a low dose compared to what it will eventually take to cure the infestation, but for a start, it’ll work for a few weeks. You can raise the dosage by one capsule every four days until you reach five capsules a day. Be sure to take them on an empty stomach, preferably early in the morning or late at night.

Let us know if this doesn’t cover all of your concerns, and good luck on your treatment journey.