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Seems pretty good to me. I am doing a similar diet. I am still skeptical about dairy having dairy at all. I am following the Clean Gut Diet, which is similar but cuts out all dairy. I was doing pretty good than tried to add kefir and two weeks of adding kefir (similar to yogurt) my symptoms started slowly coming back, but there are many on here that swear by kefir so to each their own. But you are definitely on the right track! Glad to hear you are taking it seriously.

Only advice is stay strict, no peanuts, have small amounts of nuts/nut butters/ seeds ( you may end up eating like a whole jar of almond butter, the fats are harsh on digestion ) rotate foods so you dont get allergies to them, avoid starchy things like yams, if you get fermented foods make sure there is no vinegar in them ( I use bubbies brand pickles and kraut ) and have everything in moderation.

Hope this helps!

0_o brendon