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SilverLining wrote: Right – feel better after throwing up – afraid there was no stopping it..

Think I am going to go with the option two diet – I can handle the headache, the hunger – everything except that detox drink..

Is there a way around the detox drink?

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you yesterday…. sounds like it was a bad one for you! I still don’t know the answer for you as I’m doing a special diet with my doctor. Somewhere I thought I read that you can skip Step 1, but they highly recommend that you don’t. I do know you don’t want your plumbing to be clogged up with this (made that error before)… so if you aren’t regular, you need Step 1.

Please feel free to whine and moan on this thread as needed. One day at a time … we will make it through this!!! And, it will be worth it!!! 🙂