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ajstowers: try the spit test (do a search on it) to see whether you have candida; this one of the tests you can do on your own.

coughnonstop: meat is allowed but don’t have beef or pork.

pina: good advice about naturopathic doctor; they can get you up to speed on a treatment plan that will help you recover in weeks instead of months.

klr55: bragg’s liquid amino is a good substitute for salad dressing; I personally had a pretty bad reaction to any vinegars, but apple cidar vinegar has many health benefits. I also heard hemp milk is a good alternative to dairy. As far as quinoa, I personally had a bad reaction to it, so maybe save it for phase 2 of diet or atleast eat it sparingly (like 1-2x per week). Reactions to quinoa can vary, but a good substitute is buckwheat. In general, keep sugar intake below 25g a day (its hard to completely eliminate it from everything); this can be like half an apple, one fig, cup of blueberries, etc.