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i have discovered after years of suffering (ongoing) that i have systemic candida. i done the spit test after reading an article in a natural health magazine.

Just to be clear, the saliva test doesn’t really tell you whether or not you have a Candida overgrowth. The Truth about the Saliva Test

im a vegan and i dont eat refined sugar anymore but i just get depressed about cutting my fruit out. and the maple syrup and stuff! lol
i dont knw what to eat how long does stage one last? im so confused here!

Unfortunately, the truth is that no one knows how long any stage will last. Everyone reacts differently to each stage, everyone makes different mistakes, and we all had or have different degrees of the infestation, so as you can see, it’s impossible to predict how long each stage will last. I can tell you for absolute certainty, that the more mistakes you make during the treatment, the longer each stage will last.

Oil pulling will help the coating on your tongue. Read the instructions in the link. Oral Thrush–Oil Pulling

Read our protocol and then let me know if you wish to have a copy of the foods that will help you to cure your infestation. The Protocol