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Here is the link to the protocol:

Its on the sticky tab at the top of the forum.

We don’t recommend brown rice on the diet because it is inflammatory, contains high amounts of starch, and some sugar. If you do eat rice, black rice, red rice, and wild rice all have better nutritional properties. Also rice can ferment in the gut and you want to avoid fermentation at all costs. Buckwheat is a good alternative because it contains only 25% starch and has similar texture. Buckwheat also is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

I rotate between HMF neuro and megaflora personally and I feel both are great products. Their prices are somewhat similar as well, $40-50 US per bottle. You’ll need to be on probiotics long term and its best to get a wide variety of strains in the gut. Kefir is something you can make at home and provides even a wider range of strains in the probiotics; think of it as liquid yogurt.

GSE can be problematic because it is hard on the liver and contains citricidal which is a chemical. There are some other antifungals I would recommend more personally. If you have parasites, I would consider black walnut extract/chamae rose extract which also will kill the candida.

Eating a product derived from rice is not the same as eating cups and cups of rice.