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Hi there
Im sorry to hear sbout your struggles. I can help support you as best i can as will many others on here.
There is a lot of information out there. It ishard to decide what might work for you. For me i eat brown rice and have still been very sucrssful in treating and curing candida. Others belive the rice will be or can be detrimental.
I believe that you cant starve yeast completly. It is stubborn and if not getting enough sugar will begin to feed of our cells. Others do not believe this and try to starve it out. I prefere to cut off most off its food supply and kill it with H2O2 and other antifungals. Too much starving can stress out our bodies and that alone causes an increase in our blood sugars and feeds the yeast! Better to be happy and heathly while going threw this process is my belief. So a little brown rice noodles in a day is ok by me.
You will find a lot of support here and you own place and comfort in what works for you.
Could you be more specific as to what your other medical conditions are? Im not sure if i’ve guessed correctly.
Take care
: )