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krisk120;53073 wrote: Hi there,
I am almost 49 and have been suffering from indigestion for a long time now. I have been taking lansoprazole now for some time on and off.
I have mild reflux diagnosed after an endoscopy.

Recently I have been to A&E – the first time with chronic chest pain rising to neck. Turned out to be reflux. I was put on double dose of lansaprozole. After that I was away for a week and the whole week it felt like my esophagus was tightening up.

Recently went back to A&E with pain and tightness in esophagus again. Said it was esophagial spasms but I also had oral thrush. Gave me tablets for the spasms but it came back.

Been thinking about candida for a while now and was shocked when I looked up the symptoms.

All the little niggly things I have had seem to add up – foggy head, tiredness, hard to lose weight, bloated, burping, indigestion, infertility, sinus problems, constant rear nasal drip, psoriasis, red/sore eyes are the main things. Recently been getting the odd hive on my face too.

So have been taking Nystatin for the thrush and my esophagus feels better. I am slowly losing weight.

But I need to take something to heal my stomach and get rid of the yeast. I bought Yeast Raiders today but after reading online re one of the ingrediants I am not so sure.

Any advice please – thank you.

What kind of Nystatin are you taking ?? tablets ?? refrigerated powder ?? liquid solution??

If it is liquid solution, be aware pharmacies add sugar to it most of the time. It won’t help.

The most effective is the refrigerated powder. You need to take at least 3 millions of units by day. I advice you to add Curcumin capsules to your treatment. Curcumin has shown to cause a synergistic antifungal effect when mixed with Nystatin and the azoles. It causes apoptosis meaning that the mix is fungicidal against candida albicans cells.

If Nystatin doesn’t work well for your Thrush, buy Baker Yeast and make a paste with it and warm water. Apply this paste on your tongue 3 times a day and hold it for 15 or 20 minutes each time. It is extremely effective to eliminate the infection.