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Hi Able,

Yes the Weil vitamins have strange percentages for various different vitamins and minerals, but it seemed to be the only one I could find that didn’t have any added milk, soy etc…

I would NEVER take more than one a day!
Right now I am taking:
1 multivitamin
1000 mg vitamin C
milk thistle
nettle leaf
aloe vera juice

My candidate should arrive today!

Are goji berries ok? Or not yet?

It’s day 7 and I feel woozy and out of it and the itchy die off symptoms are in full force this afternoon. Nausea is out of control. I have no appetite but am starving!

On a different note, a friend of mine went on a candida diet that was recommended by her nutritionist, and it differs in many ways from this one.
It says no raw food (veggies must be cooked)avocado is the only raw food allowed, but no sauteing anything either. Olive oil must be drizzled on in minimal amounts, but can never be heated.
The largest difference between her diet and this one is that grains are allowed throughout, but absolutely NO dairy. Ever. Also, chickpeas are allowed. I’ve read your responses about grains and sugar, etc. Does this version of the diet just take longer to clear the system out?

I’d like to email you a copy of this diet and hear your feedback.

Many thanks!