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I’m new too.
Actually my BF discovered some Candida on his penis. I went to my gynecologist too, but he found nothing in my vaginal area.
Doctor tested my BF for HIV, and he said that Candida burst out on men if they are HIV+. Naturally I got kind of scared. I couldn’t just accept that kind of answer.
After 3 days of serous reading, I found out that actually I might be the source of his problem. I’ve been suffering from 80% of symptoms I’ve found described. And since I’m not a hypohondriac, I thought it’s just me being me. I have a doctors appointment today and I’m going to fight to get the testing done.

I’ve been eating foods from the list for 2 days now and I feel some skin itching. But I’ll start serious detox, like on your ”3 steps” on Monday. Unfortunately I still have some food in my fridge that has to be eaten. I could just throw it away, but for the past year we were so tight on the budged, that it happened a few times, that we had nothing to eat at all or money to buy food, so I’m not an away thrower of food anymore.

I’m totally looking forward to this diet, even if it contains 70% of the food I don’t like (or maybe I do, but the candida don’t), because I’ve been on 1200 ccal diet for over a year now and I exercise 4 times a week and I actually managed to gain 10 pounds and only now I see some chance to actually loose some weight.

Anyways, I’ll be checking your site and forum regulary, for some advices and moral support.