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The fact that you’re feeling like you want to ‘fall off’ the diet at the first chance isn’t weird at all but perfectly natural as everyone goes through exactly that in the first few days. Most people find that it gets easier and even acceptable in time. Of course, in the beginning you just have to decide which you want most, to be rid of the Candida symptoms or to eat that carb-laden food you keep thinking about and likely suffer with the symptoms from now on.

A workable soy sauce substitute is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos which are not fermented.

You should either leave the Greek yogurt off the diet for at least two weeks or eat only about three bites at a time, no more than twice a week. This will allow the diet to go to work on cleaning your system. Six grams isn’t that bad after you’ve been on the diet for several weeks, and the benefits of Greek yogurt will outweigh this one negative. Right now you just want to concentrate on making the diet as “clean” as possible which means eating only fresh or frozen vegetables, an organic protein source, and the coconut flour bread.

Sushi is fine, be sure you always use Himalayan or Celtic pure sea salt.

Allegra contains isopropyl which is basically a sugar based substance or compound. This will feed the Candida which will only extend your treatment period. The allergic reaction you experienced is sometimes a die-off symptom but can also be related to the Candida itself. You can take vitamins C which is a natural antihistamine. Acceptable doses are, up to 1000 mg an hour when the symptoms are bothering you, and 1000 mg three to four times a day when they are not. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water as vitamin C is a natural diuretic.

As far as the birth control pill is concerned, I imagine that a lot of women stay on the pill during the treatment. The pills of course contain hormones which are not at all a positive factor for the treatment. If you don’t stick to the diet in the strictest manner and take the suggested probiotics and antifungals during the treatment, the birth control pills may prevent your treatment from working the way you hope, so just be aware of this fact.

Sesame seed oil is alright, but you’d be better off purchasing pure organic coconut oil for cooking and baking. Olive oil is also a good oil, but regardless of what other type you use, you need to definitely use the organic coconut oil part of the tme for cooking, and after a few weeks you should take it during the day by the spoonful as it is one of the best natural antifungals available.

I would stop the garlic pills and concentrate on the diet for a total of two weeks. You’ll no doubt experience die-off symptoms if you simply stick to the diet so you don’t need to add to your problems with even more die-off symptoms. Both Molybdenum and Candidate by Native Remedies will help greatly with the die-off symptoms.