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Hello, Taurus.

If the Molybdenum you have is in a multiple vitamin, you probably won’t be able to take additional doses. I seriously doubt that 75 msg will be sufficient to prevent some of the die-off symptoms when you start the probiotic and eventually increase the coconut oil.

I never recommend multiple vitamins as they’re always manufactured with the incorrect amounts. What is the name of yours?

The fact that your GI told you to use psyllium husk every day is just one more example of how ignorant our medical professionals are when it comes to nutrition and nutritional supplements. It also helps to explain why there are around 190,000 deaths a year caused by medical errors.
Psyllium husk can and has caused severe bleeding in the intestines caused by the hardness and sharpness of the husks.

You said that you do not eat oat bran in general, but I wanted you to understand that I wasn’t speaking any type of regular oat products such as you would find on the cereal shelf at your local supermarket. Oat bran is normally only found at health food stores. Below is a description just in case you ever decide to use it.
“Oat Bran is produced through the grinding of pure oat groats and separating the oat flour.”
This means that oat bran looks just like a tan-colored flour when it’s completed and is generally used in cooking.

If you have any questions, please ask.