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Hi Able,

The multivitamin is Weil (Andrew Weil, MD) Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health. His philosophies don’t bother me like most MDs do. I feel that I need to be taking a multivitamin while in stage 1 for sure. Do you suggest I get additional Molybdenum?

Don’t even get me started on the state of western medicine and the doctors who have ruined me practicing it. I have been to so many GIs who have given me endoscopy after endoscopy followed by colonoscopy, finding diverticulosis and telling me the rest (of the symptoms and issues) are “all in my head”. “EAT MORE FIBER!”
I would imagine psyllium husk would not be safe, just by looking at it, and its texture.

Ok, I’m done with my rant there.

Thanks for clarifying the oat bran questions. I can definitely get the flour and cook with it if that’s ok. I am finally going to try your recipe for coconut bread today!

It’s day 6 of stage 1 and I am feeling like a new woman!

Oh, is it ok to eat edamame?