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Hi thanks for the reply,

Good tip on the test but is this a conclusive test? Not sure you can obtain them here in the UK but I will do some research, a naturopath might be a good idea too, I’m not against health professionals per say, only UK doctors or GP’s as we call them are not too good with certain types of illness, mention the word candida and they look at you like your some kind of nut job! Who? What? Don’t be ridiculous, Mention thyroid problems and if your test shows a problem they throw a prescription at you and tell you to go away that’s it, thyroid issues are complexed and can affect the whole body in one way or another and this is why some patients fare well on the thyroxin and some do very poorly, I’m the latter and this is why I decided to seek professional but private care, this was no doubt the best thing I ever did, I’m at least making some progress now, getting some answers, it’s just a shame that I had to pay for private care to be able to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about, what’s up with that??