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Hi Able,

It’s been a couple of days since I have posted…and I am on Day 13 already (I can’t believe it)!

A few things have been going on….

I finally got my Candidate in the mail, and have been doing 15 drops with a bit of water 3x a day as it says on the label. Is that what you recommend as well?

I increased the Molybdenum dose from 150mcg 2x/day to now 3x/day. The itchiness has decreased but is STILL THERE! It is worse at night, I wish I could scratch my eyes out, it’s so bad. When will it end?
I am also taking vitamin C to deal with it. Multivitamin, Biotin, Milk Thistle, Nettle. The usual…

I hope I am not developing new food allergies in this elimination phase. I read somewhere that foods should be eaten in a 4-14 day cycle, so the digestive system does not get “too used” to it. Thoughts? I’m already so bored by the same food…I can’t even look at another avocado (and they used to be my favorite…sigh)!

I have fallen off the complete veggie/fish/egg diet in stage 1 that I was on, and have been eating a bit of brown rice and oat bran for energy (I know this is not really recommended but I was exhausted otherwise). I ate a bit of hummus today with celery….is that ok? I have had NO sugar, vinegar, etc.

I have not started the coconut oil or the probiotic due to my insane itchy die off or allergic reaction I am having. Is it time to do so? I will be at 2 weeks on the diet tomorrow!

Still need to get the grape bitters to strengthen my immune system. A friend’s mother is a homeopath and she told me to start taking Quercetin to take the stress off my liver as well. THoughts?

All of my symptoms and years of antibiotic use point to Leaky Gut Syndrome 🙁 Strange that the docs don’t tell you this when performing endoscopy and colonoscopy isn’t it (hint of sarcasm).