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Hello, Sarah, welcome to the forum.

Hi im a newbie to all this and stumbled across this site by accident after reoccurring thrush/BV decided enough is enough and looking into the list of symptoms candida can cause i have about 99% of them, I am looking at starting the cleanse on monday and looking at the list of things i need to collect frm the health food shop, im baffled lol.Can someone plz point me in the right direction of what i need to get for detox drinks (as some posts on here say different things). and do i stick to steamed veg raw salads etc for 7-10 days just double checking im reading right.what other supplements do i need to take.

The safest cleanse and the one that most of the forum members use is linked below.

You’ll need lots of fresh or frozen green vegetables such as named below.

Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Collard greens
Dandelion greens
Garlic raw or cooked
Green bell peppers
Green beans
Swiss chard

For the drink that acts as a toxic flush, you’ll need the following:

Lemons for the lemon water drink.
chia seeds
bentonite powder

For the liver detox drink you’ll need: extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, small chunk of fresh ginger.

then stage 2 introduce chicken etc? and probiotics?

For stage two, stick with green vegetables, oil (coconut oil or olive oil) and organic eggs for your protein. You can also make breads from the recipe on the forum.

There’s another diet available which is stricter than the one on the website which most of the forum members use and find success with. If you’d like a link to this diet let me know as it’s not posted on the forum. Also let us know if you have questions.

As far as probiotics and supplements are concerned, there’s a detailed protocol that explains all of this. The link is below.