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It sounds like the antibiotics made things worse for you when you could’ve already been in a slightly fragile state.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though this hit you all at once, there was likely very slight changes in time all before this that led up to this. For me, my first day of symptoms occurred after taking a mint that had aspartame in it. I think this messed up my immunity somehow (or something internally) and all of the sudden I felt really bad and had my first heart palpitations. But months and years leading up to that day I was slowly getting worse in my health but I hardly noticed. My digestion never was good and I never had more than one BM a day for most of my life. I took every single antibiotic out there for my strept that never went away (and had tonsils removed) so I definitely set myself up for disaster over a decade ago.

I am unsure if the dog could effect things negatively but its good to be safe than sorry. I am freakishly afraid of mold and this is another reason why I got ill in the first place.

If your digestion ever was poor, this could be the cause of this as well. If food is allowed to ferment it can feed all sorts of bugs in our guts including candida. Be sure to chew your food as much as possible:–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx