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Just an added note – after reading your link about anti-fungals. When I doubled up on probiotics on 9/2/12, this is when I experienced my first real die off (did not know it at the time). Then my anti-fungal was removed from my supps – we thought I was having a reaction to the supp. This is when I spiraled downhill and my thyroid became worse. I can say, when my die off symptoms seem to be at their worst, so does my thyroid – makes it hard to distinguish between die-off, thyroid, or other symptoms. It is hard to say if this is candida or another pathogen (SIBO or other). All tests come back negative for candida but I know something is wrong. I used to be very healthy, ran half marathons, strength trained, etc. Now, I am skin and bones, weak, cannot exercise, living a miserable life. It literally happened overnight or so it seems. 🙁 I appreciate any help you can offer!