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ReneeVV wrote: I’m just getting started, but I know to avoid all forms of sugar including honey and fruit, I’m trying to stick with protein and vegetables but am also eating oatmeal with coconut oil. Also, I’ve been eating salads with tomato, avocado, and olive oil as the dressing. I’m always hungry so I know that this is going to be agony and I’m not up to lots of cooking. I do not find vegetables very filling. I’m planning spaghetti with quinoa pasta or spaghetti squash in place of the pasta. That’s where I am so far.

But contrary to the “plan” on site I want to launch into the anti-fungals right off.


Try to eat mostly vegetables, specially green, eggs, fish, and chicken. I will leave Oatmeal apart for now. The reason is gluten contamination and the carbohydrate level.
Don’t use any sugar substitute, except Stevia. ( don’t use Xylitol )
Try to get some Buckwheat and Quinoa. You can eat an small cup of one of them a day to see how you progress in that way. The idea is to keep the carbohydrate intake as low as 50/75 g a day. You need to rise your calorie source eating fat. Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are you best friends.
Eat some vegetable snack such as celery frequently to avoid hypoglicemic episodes.

I advice you to be 3 days on this regime before to add any antifungal substance.
You should react to this diet and get an increase in the symptoms or symptom control. Both are candida indicators ( die-off or stopping the yeast metabolic process after food reduction )

It is very important you write down any change on symptoms, new symptoms, reactions, and how you feel under this protocol.

Report to the forum what you feel.

After 3 days, add SF-722 increasing the dosage to 15 capsules a day (5/3 times a day) You can also add Coconut Oil. I suggest you to increase the amount according your tolerance. A good amount may be 10/12 spoon a day.

Bottom line, you must react to this program if yeast is your main problem. This diet is also very effective for SIBO. Undecenoic Acid has antibacterial properties too.

I am prognosticating die-off reaction in your case. Give it time. Sometimes, the die-off don’t show up immediately but after several days when your body is saturated of toxins. There are ways to attenuate the die-off reaction.

Anyway, the response to this will give you proof if yeast is what is affecting you.

If you don’t react positively or negatively to a plan like this, you have to look at other causes. I doubt you won’t react to it according to your symptoms and history.

Discipline and patience are necessary.

Good Luck,


Note: This isn’t an integral anticandida protocol but a “test” plan to identify if a fungal overgrowth is causing your issues.