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I think the key is to be prepared and to not go hungry. If you get hungry and didn’t bring any food with you that you can eat, it’s a lot easier to get cravings and then give into these cravings. Cravings aren’t always a sign of mental weakness alone; they can also be caused by hunger or if you are not getting enough energy from your food. Or if there are huge swings in your blood sugar levels.

Being prepared and bringing snacks with you where ever you go can help. If blood sugar regulation might be your problem getting into a habit of snacking often could be helpful too. After having read about Dr McCombs blood sugar balance protocol i am trying to incorporate his advice to eat something small every hour in order to regulate my blood sugar levels; this could be something like 1/3 of a stick of celery. I actually hate celery but it’s just a small stick of celery every hour, it’s no big deal. And I have already noticed some improvements in my energy levels throughout the day.