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Hello Puja,

One way I would start to think of things is what the majority of the food out their is poisoneous or a detriment to not only your health, but the health of everyone around the world. You are what you eat, and if you eat nothing but fast food, ice cream, and cereal…thats what you are, a junk food kid!

I would also consider educating yourself about the food industry and what kind of damage they are doing to our bodies, the environment, our genes, and our gut flora. For instance, learn about GMO foods and how they alter out genetic codes, gut flora, brain chemistry and more. They are even developing new “vaccines” that allow our bodies to cope and assimiliate this new group of GMO foods.

Sugar is typically and often genetically altered and this is the main reason it should not be consumed. Its one of the causes to all of your problems and you should look at it as poison. Don’t cry about it afterwards, think about how that nice treat was…and move on. Sugar also ruins the environment and causes soil erosion, pH alteration, and a whole host of problems. The 3rd world often deforests prime land in order to plant sugar and thus harms the planet.