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Vegan Catlady
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We actually DO have a recipe section!

And I believe there is also one on The Candida Diet website as well 🙂

Basically if you follow the list of do’s and dont’s on the website, you will eventually get there.

Some people have good results going stricter, but my experience is that my candida got worse when I went strict (not enough carbs and calories to meet the needs of my immune system and the candida thrived).

This is only a struggle until you familiarize yourself with the world of veggies, because honestly, there are only hundreds of ideas for meals to choose from, and none of them have to include pasta,rice,or bread 🙂

BTW, you *will* get there….Im hesitant to say im cured but I had an excellent week so far, and it included fruit, brownies and sugared-lemonade….so im getting there 😀